Then and now

Navigation, boat building, engineering and logistics; maritime careers cover a wider range of skills and jobs than you might have ever realised! 

In this series of films, we ask people who are just starting their career in the maritime industry to tell us about their jobs, how they got started, and the similarities between their roles and those that would have been performed on board Cutty Sark.

Maritime Engineering

The Marine engineering apprenticeship on the banks of the Thames offers an opportunity that will allow you to explore the maritime sector, receive first class training and experience the many different vessels operating on the Tidal Thames.

Marine engineers design, build, test and repair boats, shops, underwater craft, offshort platforms and drilling equipment.  Maintaining a vessel and ensuring everything is in working order is just as important now as it was in Cutty’ Sark’s day, engine or no engine.


Boatmasters often navigate vessels through busy and highly challenging waterways. From being the captain of a single vessel passenger boat to working for a large freight operator where you would be responsible for safely moving freight up the river to a port, opportunities are endless. 

Boat Building

Be part of an amazing lifesaving charity, earn a salary and get a recognised qualification, all while gaining valuable skills and experience in boat building. 

Using the same techniques used to build Cutty Sark, you will be contributing to the safety of the sea whilst building a magnificent vessel. 

Chartering Manager

As a “controller of cargo,” Charterers play an integral role in the day-to-day business of shipping. Keeping in constant contact with ship owners and brokers, you will ensure the best shipping option for your cargo.