Superyachts are large and luxurious, owned or chartered by the rich and famous, usually in sunny places, and operated by a professional crew who are working to ensure that the guests on board have a great time. The number of superyachts being built around the world is increasing every year and there is now a shortage of skilled workers to crew them.

Behind the glamour every superyacht needs professional crew:

  • a Captain, who is in overall charge
  • navigational officers who get the yacht safely to where it’s going
  • engineers who keep the engine and other equipment running smoothly
  • deckhands, with many roles including keeping the yacht looking magnificent
  • catering and hospitality crew who look after the guests, working to make sure they have a memorable trip.

The smallest superyachts are the length of a tennis court and have maybe four crew. The very largest are bigger than a destroyer and have a crew of 70 or more.

In the wider superyacht industry there are also many opportunities ashore in design and building both sail and motor yachts, sales and marketing, operating marinas, and a range of other support roles.

Superyacht crew work hard but the rewards can be generous and it’s a great way to see the world in style.

More information

Superyacht UK represents the UK’s superyacht industry and the link below has more information about the different roles on board:

Superyacht UK

The UKSA offers a professional training programme for future superyacht officers:


Reviewed June 2023