A superyacht is, by definition, any yacht over 24 metres (79 feet) in length – that’s about the length of a tennis court. There are many hundreds of superyachts sailing the seas and oceans today – they can be motor or sail, and they employ thousands of crew members from around the world. The largest superyacht in the world at the moment is 164 metres (538 feet) in length – that’s larger than a Royal Navy Destroyer! However, the average length of superyachts today is around 45 metres (148 feet).

Owning or chartering one of these multi-million-pound superyachts is the domain of the rich and famous, but behind the glamorous, glossy façade, there is a whole team of workers keeping everything ship-shape. The number of superyachts being built is increasing each year, and there is now a shortage of skilled workers to crew them. Working on a superyacht is certainly not a holiday, but the rewards can be generous and it’s a great way to see the world in style.

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Superyacht UK represents the UK’s superyacht industry and has career information available.

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The UKSA offers a Professional Yacht Cadetship