Recruitment Manager

A Recruitment Consultant in the Maritime industry will support people to find jobs that suit their skillset in the maritime industry.  The main duties of a recruitment consultant are networking with businesses that are looking to recruit as well as working with candidates looking for new jobs.  The role includes researching and sourcing candidates that must be quality assured before being put forward for a position.  A Consultant can also interview and test people looking for a role.  The role also includes booking interviews and managing job offers.  Recruitment is an outcomes-led role; be aware that a key aspect of the job is to meet recruitment targets.  Salaries are often a basic salary plus a performance related bonus.

There are several entry routes to recruitment; although further education is not essential to work in this sector, it is possible to complete an apprenticeship or study A-levels and then a degree.  It is possible to enter recruitment with any degree, but candidates may prefer to study a related subject, such as public relations, marketing, or human resources.   Colleagues new to recruitment can also be trained within their organisation, working alongside other recruiters to source candidates as a resourcer, before being promoted into the role of a recruitment consultant.  

Recruitment provides an incredible platform to evolve a career in the direction of choice; There is a lot of flexibility, and a recruitment consultant can have an amazing amount of control over their career path.  Skills vital for the role include strong administration and communication skills, the ability to work both independently and as part of a team, and the sensitivity to be able to work with a variety of people.

Within the recruitment working environment, there is a lot of team-based work.  There is a mix of office-based and remote working, and spending time out of the office to meet clients.  Recruitment Consultants can work long hours, including early starts and evening working.

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