MO5 (Multi Role Crew Transfer Vessel with Large Cargo and Refuelling Capabilities)

Mainprize Offshore Limited (formally Mainprize Trawling Co Ltd) was formed in 1979 and has operated in the North Sea for over thirty years. During this time the company has gained extensive experience in the offshore oil, gas and renewable industry. Our main areas of operations are support work including cables – pipeline guard, chase work, pre lay grapnel operations, grab sampling and camera work, seabed surveys, impact surveys, traffic monitoring, TV work.

Designed by Walker Marine Design, UK – The MO5 was designed and built to perform a multitude of tasks, including crew transfer, offshore bunkering and cargo operations. Capable to transferring personnel in 2m Hs, the MO5 is one of only a handful of vessels that are capable of achieving this milestone in passenger transfer.