UK Building a Remote and Autonomous Workforce

UK becomes the first nation to approve a national funding route for a new workforce occupational standard in uncrewed, robotic and autonomous marine vehicle operations.

The Transport and Logistics Route Panel of the Institute of Apprenticeships and Technical Education, and the Institute‚Äôs Board, have reviewed and agreed a new occupation proposal for an uncrewed marine vehicle specialist, technical operator. The occupational proposal was developed by SeaBot Group, The Royal Navy, Fugro, The National Oceanography Centre, Ocean Infinity  and the Ship Owners P and I Club.  Once the development group have finalised the occupational standard, funding will support training delivery of new apprentices towards the latter part of 2023. Once it is approved this this apprenticeship brings a paradigm shift into the maritime domain.  This is a highly technical role where the apprentice is trained to maintain and operate robotic and uncrewed highly automated surface and subsurface assets.