Green Careers in Maritime

Green careers in maritime

In every part of the maritime sector scientists, engineers and others are working hard to reduce the harm done to the planet. For example –

Shipping companies across the world are looking for alternative, non-carbon-based, fuels they can use to power ships, like hydrogen, methanol or ammonia. The Norwegian line Hurtigruten has announced Sea Zero, a plan to launch the world’s first zero-emissions cruise ship by 2030. And Artemis Technologies in Belfast have borrowed lessons from high performance sports yachts to build zero-emission vessels based on a hydrofoil design.

The UK is one of the world leaders in the clean energy that comes from offshore wind farms; building them and operating and maintaining them requires a range of maritime skills. 

Marine scientists are researching the impact of climate change on the sea and working with businesses and charities to tackle problems like cleaning-up the plastic in the sea.   


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Reviewed June 2023