Data Science Lead

Autonomous systems are key technologies of the future; in boats, these are vessels that do not need human involvement to operate, instead sensing their environment to get to their destination. In this role, a Data Science Lead will develop new technology and ideas to make boats more and more intelligent; this involves writing algorithms for them to be able to operate without human influence.   

This role often involves working as a team to solve problems and mentoring more junior members of the team.  It can also involve office-based work or spending time on the water to test real world scenarios.  It can also include overseas travel.

For this role it is essential to have good GCSE passes, A-levels, and an Undergraduate degree and/or a Master’s degree in Mathematics or in a Science field.  A PhD is also useful, but not necessary.  This role involves continual research and study; it is essential to stay up to date on technological and new developments as they are discovered to be able to keep up in the sector.


University of Bath: Msc Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems, Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems MSc (

University of Bristol: PhD Robotics and Autonomous Systems: PhD Robotics and Autonomous Systems | Study at Bristol | University of Bristol

University of Liverpool: Robotics and autonomous systems: Robotics and Autonomous Systems – Department Of Computer Science – University of Liverpool

University of Plymouth: MSc Autonomous Systems MSc Autonomous Systems – University of Plymouth

University of Southampton: PhD Postgraduate – PhD | Autonomous Systems | University of Southampton