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Shipowners need effective shipbrokers, lawyers, bankers and insurers. These business services – many with a global reach – are a vital part of the maritime industry, and a vast number of service companies are based in London and across the UK.

Britain is unmatched for its expertise in shipbroking, insurance, and legal and financial services. More vessels are fixed through UK-based shipbrokers, more capital provided via London banks and funds, and more vessels insured here than in any other location in the world. English law is also applied to more shipping contracts than the law of any other country, and London has the highest concentration of solicitors, barristers and arbitrators specialising in maritime issues and dispute resolution.

This range of activities means the UK is often seen as a ‘one stop shop’ for maritime matters.

Many people enter these sectors after a career at sea, but many more choose to enter shipping having established themselves in professional services. It means graduates in law, economics, finance and many other disciplines – many of whom have never thought about a maritime career – find themselves becoming a crucial part of the industry.

Business services companies are committed to their workforce, and there is a strong culture of continuing professional development, underpinned by world-renowned integrity.

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Maritime London represents the UK’s professional maritime business services industry.

Maritime London

Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers has information on careers in shipbroking. 

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Reviewed June 2023