Apprentice Software Engineer

Autonomous systems are key technologies of the future.  ASV stands for autonomous surface vehicles; this role focuses on the application of autonomy and automation to the environment at sea.   In this role, a Software Engineer will develop the software that is used to control and monitor unmanned surface vehicles.  A Software Engineer will have the opportunity to work with the lifecycle of a product as it progresses from conception to being operational in the water.  It is possible to work at sea for some of the time. 

A main responsibility of this role is coding, mostly for hardware, and testing for other autonomy systems, however the working environment can be fantastically varied.  There is a lot of practical work in varied environments, such as being desk-based and writing code, working in the workshops with hardware, and working in vessels at sea.

It is essential to have a passion for technology and be able to solve problems.  To be successful in undertaking an apprenticeship, it is advised to have A-levels in STEM based subjects.