Just the Job

This series has been designed to shine a light on the workings of Britain’s maritime sector – an industry responsible for keeping our island nation supplied with food, energy and medical equipment during the coronavirus lockdown.

This lesson has been designed for 11-16 yrs

Lesson 2 is ‘Buoys, Beacons and Bananas – Just the Job’.

Once registered, you will be sent the student slides which include quick fire quiz questions. The lesson covers all aspects of careers in the maritime sector, the qualifications and character traits needed.

Lesson 3 and 4 cover safety at sea and global connections.

Delivered by Jamie Bullar of the London Nautical School and produced by Maritime UK member, Trinity House, the lesson includes slides, videos, worksheets and games to give pupils a more advanced understanding of the role the maritime sector plays in the UK’s prosperity, and the huge range of diverse, interesting and important jobs that keep food and goods moving in support of Britain’s economy.