Abbie Milne – Mersey Maritime

Mersey Maritime was set up in 2003 to represent the interests of the Ports and Maritime Sector on Merseyside, helping create the right conditions for business growth.

We operate as a not-for-profit organisation at the public-private sector interface, working with hundreds of businesses whose activities span the 33 sub-sectors that make up the industry in the Liverpool City Region.  In 2015, the region’s Marine and Maritime Sector comprised some 1250 businesses making a combined contribution of £3.47bn, or 13% of, the regional GDP.

These statistics – and the some of the massive infrastructure developments currently nearing completion across Merseyside – projects such as Liverpool2, Peel’s new £400m  deep water container terminal at the Port of LIverpool – ensure that the Maritime Sector is recognised as a key economic driver for the region.

Mersey Maritime works across four main areas of activity:

  • Sector  Growth
  • Communications
  • Infrastructure
  • Knowledge and Skills

Our strength lies in having a broad and independent overview of the Maritime Sector in the Liverpool City Region; what’s happening, who the key players are, what the common issues might be, what the trends are and how these various strands fit together. In order to deliver real value to local businesses we build strong relationships with a wide range of policy makers, MPs, local authorities and other strategic partners, allowing us to act as an effective interface between the two.